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We're based in Davangere and founded in 1967 to provide wide range of tarpaulin products for agriculture, industrial, and many more.
We're widely acknowledged leader in Karnataka for many decades and well-know brand in the Polyethylene vertical. Handling huge number of consumers from agriculture, construction, transportation, and many more, effectively the largest suppliers. Our company was found with a philosophy of offering superior service and integrity of product that will create long lasting consumer relationships.
Our great team of more than 10 sales experts.
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Quality Assurance

Quality is the prime concern of our business. We are a quality consious company and our quality management has helped us to gain the trust of our clients in the market. We have also established planned quality control policyto ensure that our trade & distribution process are conducted with complete professionalism, discipline, and timeliness.

In this health consious generation, people have developed awareness against what they consume to live fit and healthy. Environment has reached to higher toxic level because of huge usage of pesticides and toxic substance being sprayed to avoid disease causing by insects and pests, which also cause immunes damage to agriculture yield by feeding on or sucking plants, laying eggs on crops and spreading disease. Moreover, few insects may resist against chemical pesticides that we use, resulting in significant reduction of quality of crops.


  • Bespoke, intelligent and intricate textile design capability
  • Cutting edge manufacturing engineering
  • Continued investment in training for our employees


  • Innovative solutions to the world’s most perplexing problems
  • Cleverly engineered to last longer than a lifetime
  • Accumulating years of experience
  • Responsive delivery dates
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  • #7-177/1, P.B. #259, Opp R.H.Building, Near Gandhi Circle, P.B.Road,
  • Phone
  • 740-399-9555
  • 762-507-8183
  • E-Mail
  • nobletarpaulincompany@gmail.com
  • enquiry.nobletarpaulin@gmail.com