anti bird net

Anti Bird Net

Birds are one of the most beautiful creation on this planet as it adds up colorful, charming and jewel of the sky. It adds up sensational morning music to your ears and possibly it adds up a real threat to your corps. The birds comes up with acidic contents and more than 30 types of parasites.

Garware Wall Ropes's Anti Bird Net is very effective to prevent birds from destroying your corps, fruits and vegetables. Anti Bird Net is robust, very effective, elastic and stubborn to make ensure of your crops total protection. We supply the anti bird net which is higly durable and light-weight.

Features & Benefits

High strength to weight ratio

Durable and UV stabilized

Available in various sizes

Best posdsible protection for your corps from birds

Product Specifications
1 GSM Available in 18-48 GSM
2 Length Available in any length
3 Width Available anything above 10 meters
4 Color Available in Blue, Black, White and more