anti hail net

Anti Hail Net

Hail is a frozen form of precipitation generally associated with severe thunderstorms, especially those which form in advance of cold fronts. Large hailstones is also seen as an early indicator of an approaching tornadic storm cell, and they can cause significant damage to exposed structures and vehicles.

Garware Wall Ropes's Anti Hail Net will be used to prevent hail damage in a various types of crops. Anti Hail Net or Screens can be used for hail protection and light spectrum management for shadding applications that can protect against hail.

Features & Benefits

High in strength and light weight

Highly flexible and even easier to install

Durable and UV stabilized

Technically designed for maximum protection from hail

Product Specifications
1 GSM Available in 69 GSM
2 Length Available in any length
3 Width Without joint from 0-5 meters | with joint for any length
4 Color Available in Natural & Milky White