Cow Mats

Our cow mats ensures that the cow live completely hygienic, sterile and odour free environment and it was specially designed to be soft, warm and dust & smell free, our cow mats are made from natural rubber.

Cow mats prevent calves from getting hurt when they fall on the ground in the barn. The insulating properties of our cow mats also cut away cold and humidity from concrete floors to help safeguard animals against rheumatism and fatigue.

Features & Benefits

Increase Blood supply to teats and udder

Soft lying area

Preferred by the cows

Increased productivity and profitability

Reduces laminitis and lamenes

Reduces premature culling

Improves udder, leg and claw health

Increases in milk yield

Less bedding Material

Easier to keep clean and cleaner cows

High shock absorbency protects the knees and hocks during rising and lying down

Product Specifications
1 Size Available in 6' X 4'
2 Thickness Available in 17 mm/12 mm/ 10 mm
3 Design Amoebic top /bubble top with grooved bottom
4 Weight Available in 40 kg/32 kg/29 kg