Cow Mats


  • Increase Blood supply to teats and udder
  • Soft lying area
  • Preferred by the cows
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Reduces laminitis and lamenes
  • Reduces premature culling
  • Improves udder, leg and claw health
  • Increases in milk yield
  • Less bedding Material
  • Easier to keep clean and cleaner cows
  • High shock absorbency protects the knees and hocks during rising and lying down

Product Specifications

1 Size Available in 6' X 4'
2 Thickness Available in 17 mm/12 mm/ 10 mm
3 Design Amoebic top /bubble top with grooved bottom
4 Weight Available in 40 kg/32 kg/29 kg

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