Mulching Film

We provide mulching film that is manufactured from high grade LDPE plastic and it helps in retaining the Earth moisture. It is used to control the micro-climate around the plants. And mulching film helps in controlling the growth of harmful weeds. Offering favorable conditions for the growth of the plants, this offered film is widely used for increasing soil temperature and works as a protectionlayer over the soil.

Having mulching film is highly important in the agriculture vertical and in short it termed as agriculture films. An earlier harvest is possible with the help of these mulch films because the plastic mulch film will increase the temperature of the soil promoting growth of crops early.

Features & Benefits

Moisture conservation

Weeds control

Reduces soil compaction

Producing cleaner vegetables.

Reduces evaporation

Avoid the bacterial diseases

1 Thickness 25 to 100 micron
2 Width 3ft, 4ft, 5ft Lay Flat
3 Color Available in Silver / Black