RhinoMat is a new generation multilayer reinforced HDPE pond lining product useful for water harvesting and waste management for all kinds of Farms and Industries. It is an engineered innovative product designed for long lasting lining applications.

RhinoMat represents the future in pond lining technology. It's unique combination of super strength, high flexibility, easy and fast installation and proven performance make RhinoMat the smart choice for water conservation.

RhinoMat can be heat welded on-site with industry standard equipment and our specially formulated fabric ensures the strongest welds possible for your valuable investment.

RhinoMat is widely used for applications such as Pond lining, Canal lining, Reservoir lining, Hazardous solid waste landfills, Oil & chemical containment, Environmental control, Agricultural uses and many more.

Features & Benefits

Highly durable and extra strong for longer life.

Highly UV stabilized for prolonged exposure to the sun.

Puncture resistant, water resistance and chemical resistance.

Excellent heat sealing / weilding properties for faster installation.

RhinoMat's surface is designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

And very cost effective solutions.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified