RhinoWrap is a multipurpose, long life, waterproof, UV stable, high strength coated woven polyolfein fabric that has world-wide application from Canada firm.

RhinoWrap - A new generation multipurpose UV stabilized tarpaulin is a high strength woven coated polyolefin fabric. It is suitably designed for all kinds of long lasting indoor & outddoor waterproof applications. RhinoWrap is certified by IS 7903:2005 - Tarpaulins made from High Density Polyethylene Woven Fabric.


Strong & Durable

Light weight, flexible & easy to handle

Highly UV stable - it can withstand long term exposure to sun

High tensible strength

Excellent and tear abrasion resistance

Excellent impact and puncture resistance

Excellent waterproof property

Excellent gas barrier properties

Inert to bacteria and mold growth

Unaffected by most chemicals


RhinoWrap is made by using IS: 7903:2005

RhinoWrap’s multi-layered polymer coatings are waterproof

Exceptionally resilient, the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any plastic film

Excellent impact and puncture resistance

High tensile tear strength ratings

RhinoWrap UV is stable so it can withstand long term exposure to the sun

Ideal for all-weather outdoor applications

Applicable For


Temporary Shed

Green House

Pultry Curtains

Machine Cover

Rain Cover

Heavy Duty Liner

Truck Tarpaulin

Oil Field Cover

All types of indoor and outdoor Waterproof Coverage applications

1 GSM Available in 95/125/150/200 GSM
2 Tarpaulin Available in any length & width with duly heat sealed
4 Color Available in Yellow, Blue, Olive Green & Black