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Anti-Insect Net

Anti-Insect Net

Pesticides are not the sole solution for safeguarding crops from the threats posed by insects and pests. An excellent alternative protective product known as Anti-Insect Net (polysack) serves as a barrier, effectively blocking the entry of insects, pests, and other harmful foreign agents that can adversely affect plant health and germination. 


The unique structure of the anti-insect net reduces the need for chemical usage, promoting more natural crop growth.

Anti-Insect Nets play a multi-faceted role in crop protection. They not only keep pests, insects, and birds at bay but also filter excessive sunlight, preventing sunburn and significantly enhancing productivity. Additionally, these nets act as a shield against hailstones and frost, ensuring the safety of your crops. The nets' higher density mesh enhances temperature control and ventilation, fostering optimal growing conditions. Furthermore, the anti-insect net acts as a windbreaker, creating a tranquil microclimate that contributes to higher yields.

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of insect nets, we provide top-quality solutions to shield your cultivations from insects and pests. These nets are commonly used in net houses and greenhouses to protect various crops, including vegetables, herbs, orchards, and flowers.


Our Anti-Insect Net is meticulously woven from monofilament yarns crafted from high-density polyethylene, fortified with UV protection. Under normal conditions, it boasts a lifespan of up to 5 years. These insect nets are categorized based on hole size (Mesh - Number of holes per inch).


We manufacture two main variants: 40 mesh and 50 mesh, with respective weights of 105 GSM and 125 GSM. Our standard sizes come in rolls of 100 meters in length, with widths of 2.7 meters, 3.1 meters, and 4.2 meters. Additionally, we offer customized sizes to suit your specific seed cage requirements. Protect your crops with confidence using our reliable Anti-Insect Nets.


Insect Seed Cages:

We offer comprehensive kits in various sizes for seed cages, specifically designed for hybrid seed production. These kits are available in three dimensions: 100 ft x 80 ft, 100 ft x 100 ft, and 100 ft x 120 ft, all featuring a 12 ft high side wall. Additionally, we provide hygienic antechamber doors for easy access.

Our in-house stitching facility ensures robust joint strength, thanks to UV-stabilized yarns. We also offer tailored solutions, including combinations of Shade Net (Mono), Shade Net, and Insect Net, supplied as a single piece with the desired length and width.