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About Noble Tarpaulin

We're NOBLE TARPAULIN COMPANY based out in Davangere, India. Founded in 1967 by Mr.Ramachandra Rao Gujjar & Mr.Satyanarayana Rao Gujjar to provide wide range of tarpaulin products for agriculture field, industrial field, and many more. NOBLE TARPAULIN COMPANY is widely acknowledged leader in the state of Karnataka and well know brand in the tarpaulin verticals. Handling huge numbers of customers from agriculture, construction, transport and many more, effectively the larget suppliers. Our company was founded with a philosophy of offering superior service and integrity of product that will create long lasting customer relationships. We have maintained with customer needs and consistent quality our most paramount concerns.

We trade & distribute waterproof HDPE tarpaulins, shade nets, 40X40 insect nets, poly sheets, mulchings, anti-bird nets, tarpaulin for pond liners. We believe that we are the most experienced company in India for erecting multipurpose tarpaulin products. NOBLE TARPAULIN COMPANY prides itself in its reputation for reliability, quality, technical capability and service.

0ur Three core values

Quality Assurance

Quality is the prime concern of our business. We are a quality concious company and our quality management has helped us to gain the trust of our clients in the market. We have also established a planned quality control policy to ensure that our trade & distribution process are conducted with complete professionalism, discipline and timeliness.


We have been offering a huge selection of tarpaulin and tarpaulin related products in multiple sizes and colors since 1967. Our commitment is always to offer the highest quality tarpaulin and the best service. We take pride in offering high quality products with a Lowest Price Guarantee on all the products we offer.


We constantly works with one of the largest brands in the tarpaulin industry and have been partnered with InterWrap, Garware Wall Ropes, Tufflex and many more to name it. We choose the best possible brands for you for your agriculture products. We directly import all tarpaulin product from manufacturing units and sell it in wholesale price.

our renowned tarpaulin brands

What can we provide for you

NOBLE TARPAULIN COMPANY is a leading traders and distributors of wide-variety of tarpaulin products for agriculture, crops, vehicls, construction purpose, ropes and shade nets.
Lorry/Truck Covers
truck covers

One of the prime purposes of tarpaulins is to provide protection to goods in transportation. We provide all varieties of tarpaulins in varied sizes suitable for different lorries/truck sizes. Choose from a variety of cotton canvas based tarpaulins (chemical processed or wax coated tarpaulins) or HDPE & PVC coated tarpaulins. Our precision stitching, accurate sizes of tarpaulins and quality accessories such as eyelets ensure that you are able to get more life from tarpaulins.

Crops Covering Tarpaulin
vehicle covers

One of the prime purpose of tarpaulin is to provide complete protection to your valuable crops. With this tarpaulin you can prevent from any damages done from un-expected rains and bad weather. Crops covering tarpaulin are water as well as UV resistant and comes with long-lasting life.

Industrial Machine Covers
machine covers

Similarly for industrial machines, protection from corrosion and weather conditions is important to reduce the impact of rusting, and corrosion due to dust/moisture. Synthetic tarpaulins allow the attainment of the right balance between effective protection, ease of handling and costs of protection. We supply customizes stitched tarpaulins to your specifications. So it's time to protect your machines from our diverse tarpaulin covers.

Insect Net
insect net

We provide highly qualitative 40X40 Insect Net to the clients to protect the cultivations of the hybrid seeds from insects and pests. It is highly durable as it is used for agricultural purposes. These are thick and considerably cut down the cost incurred on insecticides. Available at affordable prices these are well known for their quality. Insect nets also known as protective net.

Shade Nets
shade nets

Shade nets are used in agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture for protecting the plants harmful sun rays and UV light. We provide these shade nets in different sizes and colors with different levels of opacity ensuring shade from 30% to 90% and even it can be used in pandals/shamianas, construction sites. In agriculture, these shade nets are known as nursery shade nets. Our range of shade nets provided varied levels of protection by adjusting the level of exposure that plants have to harmful ultraviolet rays and weather conditions.

Poly Sheets
poly sheet

The main purpose for the Poly Sheet is to create an internal environment regardless the external environmental. The better the control the better the crop yield and quality. The Covering Films is the best control micro climate in term of light, temperature, humidity and physical protection of the crop (winds, rain snow etc) maintaining controlled environmental at different climatic condition. Controlling the internal environment gives the possibility to extend the growing season, fresh fruit all around the year and enhanced crop quality and crop yield.

Pond Liners
pond liners

Pond liners is an impermeable geomembrane used for water retention, including the lining of lakes, garden ponds and artificial streams in parks and gardens.Lining films should be tough and multi-layered, capable of reducing soil erosion and saving water. LDPE films are ideal for Pond liners on account of their multi-layered structure that gives good impact resistance, excellent water barrier properties, besides good weather resistance and chemical properties. LDPE Films are used for the lining of small, medium as well as large size Ponds for water conservation as they are economical, easy to use and have a good durability.

Nylon Ropes
nylon ropes

Our Nylon Ropes made up of strong monofilament Nylon yarns. Ropes are popular because of their durability, low stretch factor, strong abrasion resistance and ability to bear the impact of shock loads. Nylon is the strongest and most popular of synthetic fibers in everyday use. It has excellent strength, good UV and abrasion resistance. It's also highly resistant to motor fuels, oils, cleaning fluids & other chemicals. Because of their strength and durability Nylon ropes are used widely including tying of Truck/Lorry tarpaulins, tents and shamianas, for holding the awnings, in pulleys, as anchors and for hauling the fishnets in marine industry.

Construction Tarpaulins
nylon ropes

We provide a high quality and wide range of LDPE/HDPE tarpaulins for use in construction industry as building covers/scaffoldings. These tarpaulins are preferred for their impact resistance, tearing resistance and durability. The key benefits of our tarpaulins are superior toughness in extreme weather conditions, eylets for easy tying of ropes, reinforced edges for greater strength, and optional fire retardant capabilities. Construction Tarpaulins are available in various sizes and come with our precision stitching along with high quality accessories such as eyelets being applied as regular intervals around the edges.

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