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HDPE Tarpaulin

HDPE Tarpaulin

Introducing our unbeatable HDPE tarpaulins, the ultimate combination of quality and affordability. Crafted from high-density polyethylene woven fabrics, our tarpaulins are the ideal choice for safeguarding your belongings.


These lightweight tarpaulins are available in a range of sizes and vibrant colors, complemented by rust-resistant aluminum eyelets for added durability. Whether you need to shield your goods during transportation, protect your crops and machinery, or create a reliable ground cover, our HDPE tarpaulins have got you covered. Count on these versatile tarpaulins to consistently deliver the protection you need, no matter the task at hand.



  • Light weight yet strong enough
  • Durable & UV stabilized
  • 100% ultra waterproof and immune to ultraviolet rays
  • All Weather resistant & Flame Retardant
  • Polyethylene coating on both sides & corners
  • Used for shelters, temporary sheds, poultry curtains, machine covers, rain covers, heavy-duty liners, truck cover, oil-field covers,
  • All types of indoor and outdoor waterproof coverage applications