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Anti-Hail Net

Anti-Hail Net

Introducing Garware Wall Ropes' Anti-Hail Net, a highly effective solution designed to shield your crops from the potentially devastating impact of hailstorms. Hail, a frozen form of precipitation often associated with severe thunderstorms, poses a considerable threat, particularly when these storms precede cold fronts. Large hailstones not only signify the onset of intense storm cells but can also wreak havoc on exposed structures and vehicles, causing substantial damage.


Our Anti-Hail Net offers a reliable defense against hail damage across various types of crops. These specially engineered nets or screens serve a dual purpose, providing protection against hail while also managing the light spectrum for shading applications. By effectively preventing hail from reaching your crops, this innovative solution safeguards your agricultural investments, ensuring a more robust and productive harvest.


Don't leave your crops vulnerable to the unpredictable forces of nature. Invest in Garware Wall Ropes' Anti-Hail Net to fortify your agricultural endeavors against hailstorms, securing the future of your crops and your livelihood.



  • High in strength and light weight
  • Highly flexible and even easier to install
  • Durable and UV stabilized
  • Technically designed for maximum protection from hail