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Multi-Layer Cross Laminated Film - NEX

Multi-Layer Cross Laminated Film - NEX

Introducing our UV Stabilized Multilayer Cross Laminated Film, proudly certified to meet the rigorous ISI - 14611 : 1998 standards. Under the trusted brand name "NEX," this film offers a range of remarkable features and benefits:


Key Features:

UV Stability: Engineered to endure the harshest climatic conditions, providing long-lasting protection.

Chemical Inertness: Resistant to most chemicals and acids, ensuring the safety of your goods.

Eco-Friendly: Crafted from materials that are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Waterproof: Offers complete waterproofing with exceptional hydrostatic resistance, safeguarding your valuables.

Strength: Boasts superior tensile and tear strength, ensuring durability even in challenging environments.

Elongation and Flexibility: High elongation and flexibility properties prevent cracks and punctures, enhancing product safety.

Easy Handling: Designed for ease of handling and transportation, making it a practical choice for various applications.

Choose "NEX" UV Stabilized Multilayer Cross Laminated Film for a reliable and eco-conscious solution that excels in protecting your assets, even in the most demanding conditions.