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PVC Coated Tarpaulin (Nylon) - SRF

PVC Coated Tarpaulin (Nylon) - SRF

SRF presents an extensive selection of fabrics, ranging from 350 gsm to 1500 gsm, with coating thicknesses spanning from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm. Our diverse range encompasses over 100 vibrant shades, ensuring a variety of options to suit your needs.


Under the brand name SRF DURATUFF TARPS, we specialize in crafting customized tarpaulins designed specifically for transporters. These tarps serve as essential protective covers for cargo transported in trucks across the country, even in varying climatic conditions. Our product is particularly favored by transporters handling hygroscopic goods, such as cement, ensuring their valuable cargo remains shielded.


Furthermore, SRF offers PVC coated fabrics renowned for their resilience and durability. These fabrics are robust enough to meet the demanding requirements of the Indian Army, even in the harshest and most extreme climatic conditions.


Explore the diverse applications and specifications of our products in our comprehensive Product Data Sheet. Trust SRF for top-quality fabric solutions that cater to a wide range of needs and industries.



  • Product Description: Both side PVC coated fabric - TARPAULIN
  • Finish: Matt
  • Type of Yarn: High Tenacity Polyester filament yarn
  • Denier:1000x1000 D
  • Weave:Plain